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There’s something fishy about this elixir

There's something fishy about this elixir

Produced in vanilla and strawberry flavours and expected to cost no more than a cappuccino, the memory elixir Souvenaid is thought to work by boosting brain nerve cell connections (synapses) in those who are losing them. An emerging theory
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A Month of Memory Lapses: Week 2 Record … – Psychology Today

Stress level impairs judgment and concentration By Douglas Hyde Powell, Ed.D., A.B.P.P….
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Exercise Can Shield the Aging Brain, Studies Show

A second study found that twice-weekly resistance (weight) training helped women with mild signs of mental decline improve their scores on thinking and memory tests. And the third showed that exercise done for strength and balance also impr
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how to improve memory power and concentration.mp4 – 4shared …

How, To, Improve, Memory, Power, And, Concentration, way Online file sharing and storage …
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