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The Memory Box

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“The Memory Box” was initially written to assist nurses, therapists and other professional workers responsible for the care of the elderly. It includes over a hundred discussion cards designed to trigger memories of earlier life and to help in assembling life stories. This process is not only useful in helping the carers better to understand an elderly person but also in providing brain exercise as the person’s past life is recalled.

The materials are divided into themes covering family background, school days, working life, people and places, children and grandchildren, the ups and downs of life and much more. They can be used with individuals and groups, and records of what is recalled can be created in many different ways. They can be used in a residential care environment or in a home.

More from Robin Dynes on this type of activity can be found in his, “Writing Life Histories” which also examines practical and ethical issues involved in the use of this autobiographical approach in a professional context. See also his “Memory Games for Groups“.

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