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Some Recent Articles from around the Web

There’s no article from us today, but here is a selection of links to articles elsewhere on the web that our readers may find interesting and useful. They’re not all about memory, but people interested in memory improvement will in many cases be interested in related areas of brain functioning. Here’s the first one, and there are more below.

How the brain pays attention
CAMBRIDGE, MA — Picking out a face in the crowd is a complicated task: Your brain has to retrieve the memory of the face you’re seeking, then hold it in place while scanning the crowd, paying special attention to finding a match. A new study by MIT neuroscientists reveals how the brain achieves this type of focused attention on faces or other objects: A part of the prefrontal cortex known as the inferior frontal junction (IFJ) controls visual processing areas that are tuned to recognize a specific category of objects, the researchers report …” [Read more]

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