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Sleep 7 hours a night to prevent brain from ageing

London: Sleeping for seven hours a night can prevent your brain from ageing by an extra two years, according to a new research. American researchers found that older women who slept for seven hours a
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Seven hours of sleep keeps your brain intact

Too much or too little sleep appears to have negative effects on concentration and memory. New research reveals seven hours of sleep is what your brain needs for concentration and to hold those memori
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ASK DOCTOR K: Memory strategies help fend off forgetfulness

It doesn't cause loss of memory or concentration, and doesn't require anesthesia. (In contrast, ECT requires general anesthesia and can produce some temporary problems with memory.) A person u
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Self Improvement Times: Improve Memory And Concentration

The last step you may take to boost memory and concentration is to engage yourself by accomplishing challenging game activities such as word and number …
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Testing Athletes for Concussions

“We're just getting a baseline test of concentration and memory for each student athlete. It's individualized. They have different amounts of memory and concentration,” said athletic trainer B
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Improve Memory And Concentration – Articles from …

The key to succeeding if you want to improve memory and concentration is to make sure that you keep your mind sharp by challenging it. Just like an athlete …
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