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Lizzie asks…

Is short-term memory loss caused by severe nutrional deficiencies reversible?

Caused by severe lack of B vitamins in the diet for many years. (Diagnosed, please do not question this, just answer the question). Foods naturally containing B vitamins as well as supplements have been reintroduced in the diet for 1 month and still no improvement. How long will it take? Person had phenomenal memory (better than average) prior to this and is young.

Thank you.

admin answers:

Hello this is…again :)…how strange i find this question. I have had terrible memory!! Both long and short term from undiagnosed autoimmune pernicious anaemia…unable to absorb vitamin B12 in the digestive tract. Thankfully i diagnosed myself! I take oral vitamin B12 under the tongue spray daily which absorbs into the blood stream in 20 seconds..this is amazingly effective! But i initially had B12 injections to start with. It has taken many months for my memory to improve but i did notice a change within the first month. On the odd occassion i forget things but nowhere near where i was.

The most accurate test for a vitamin B12 deficiency is a methylmalonic acid test. Vitamin B12 serum should be far over 800pg/ml to be healthy. I also recommend liquid vitamins for better absorption. I see a product called Alive! Is all natural if you can find that. This product isn’t available where i live so i take supradyn effervescent tablets.

Vitamin B12 deficiency:


Sandy asks…

If I take Vitamin B1+ B5 + Ginsing everyday will I notice improvements in my memory?

admin answers:

You’ll feel brighter probably, just eat when you take em., one thing is parsley ,, for brain function and nervous system. And lots good veg. Carrot and red cab. Ya know

John asks…

Do I need a referral from my doctor to get an appointment to see a neurologist? Memory problems!!?

I have had a horrible memory for years now, and have noticed that its getting worse. Im actually scared to go to collage due to this factor. I’ve quit doing drugs, had a 30 day sobriety away from alcohol and dont drink half as much as i use to. I take my vitamins daily and work out often. I’m a healthy weight. I’ve done all I can and still I have no improvement. The ‘kicker’? I’m only 24! I have a horrible memory and its starting to effect my day to day life. Remembering movies and music just to have a conversation with friends is becoming difficult. Reading is getting slightly worse. I’m worried there might be something wrong with me.
I’ve brough this up to my doc and he just says “some people have bad memories” and to use post-it notes.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something in my brain inhibiting my ability to remember things.
How do I go abouts getting tested if he wont send me somewhere? I have no insurance…
Advice please.

admin answers:

You need a referral. However Neurologists do not treat memory loss.
If I were you I would ask my physician to send me to someone for a second opinion. You may be suffering from sort of dementia.

Betty asks…

What vitamin supplements are safe for rodents?

Hello, I am running an experiment for the school science fair. The problem/question:
Do enriching vitamins such as vitamin B6 and vitamin E increase brain function and provide the brain with better memory, attentiveness, etc.?
I read about this experiment briefly in a Health magazine, where a girl about my age ran a similar test with two mice. I only have one, my pet mouse Ella.
I want to run two trials: one diet without extra vitamin enrichment when I test to see how quickly the mouse can navigate the maze and reach the treat/bait after running it a first time. The second trial will be for another two weeks, and then I will see how quickly she can navigate the maze after being on a vitamin enriched diet. The claimed results are that when the mouse is on a diet of vitamins such as Omega-3, vitamin B6, vitamin E, etc., she will be able to remember and navigate the maze faster.

However, I am not willing to put my mouse under any kind of pain. I know there are vitamin supplements out there that contain vitamins such as Omega-3, yadda yadda.
I want to know where there are some safe ones for mice.
I am making sure this is not a negative test and doesn’t cause my mouse any harm in anyway. If anything, it should cause improvement to her memory, attentiveness, concentration, etc.
If you believe this is not a safe experiment, or you can find a website where it gives directions for this assignment, please let me know here.

I need to find some safe vitamin supplements for my pet mouse.

admin answers:

Yep! They need that stuff, but be careful cause those vitamins could be in their food already and you don’t wanna give them too many vitamins!

Paul asks…

How do I get my Dr to listen to me or am I talking to the wrong one?

For over ten years I have been complaining of symptoms to every Dr I have seen as they have changed over the years. Extreme fatigue, brain fog (no memory of researched info and somitimes even simple words like doorknob) inability to handle stress and depression whe I am alone. I still enjoy life (friends and family, a good book/movie) but I only have a small percentage of energy and have to choose everyday how to spend it. Unfortunately I am going on broke, mentally and financially as I just don’t have the energy to work and take care of three kids on my own. I eat decent (always room for improvement) I excercise 3 days a week and laugh everyday with my kids. I am under enormous amounts of stress that cannot be lessened and am 50lb overweight that I can not, with any diet or excercise, lose. WhenI talk to my Dr. he test my thyroid and says I am perfectly healthy. I ask for more tests, hormone or vitamin deficiency and I get dismissed with every dr with a prescription for anti-depressants. I know myself well enough that any depression I have is a symptom and have no desire to simply mask over the real problem. I know others that need it such as my bipolar ex-husband. I would go to a naturalist/herbalist but don’t have the cash to spend as it can get vey costly and to be honest there is no licensing required to “prescribe” these products and they cannot diagnose so I am still up a creek. How do Iget my Dr to listen to me when they don’t even look at me anymore during the 5 minutes I have to express my complaints and when they dismiss me.

admin answers:

I have had problems with doctors who don’t listen either. My current one is fantastic and always tends to every problem I mention to her. I think it is just a matter of finding the right one. I think that some doctors have just lost their passion for the job and don’t have as much commitment to it as they used to. You’re better off looking elsewhere for a doctor and getting another opinion. Or you could always do what my brother does and threaten to go over their heads and sue them for neglect if they don’t start addressing your problems. Seriously, it’s what they’re paid to do so don’t put up with it.

Definitely go find yourself a better doctor if you can. I can imagine you’d be under a lot of stress and it might cost more money to see a different doctor. But if you’re paying for the one you’re seeing now and he isn’t helping, then you’re better off spending your money elsewhere. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.

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