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Lisa asks…

is there any software for PDAs that i can use as a training log?

i have a phone with windows mobile and i want to know if there is any software available to keep track of my training. i am willing to pay up to $20. memory is not an issue- i have over 2gb of storage.

admin answers:

Check out they do software for all kinds of sports. Good luck!

James asks…

Brain training software?

Hey folks, can you please sujest me a brain training software that I would be albe to boost my brain power ( that i will learn to think at least steps ahead, improve memory etc..)
and also have an option for monitoring my progress.

admin answers:

Information is below.

Daniel asks…

What is a good program for speed reading training?

Is there a program that trains you how to read extremely fast while still being able to comprehend the text?
What about memory enhancement software?

admin answers:

Just go to

Maria asks…

What methods are there to train a photographic memory?

I would like to have a semiphotographic memory at the very least. Book recommendations, software, and any articles are welcome.

admin answers:

I have a great memory. I can’t recommend any books but my trick is to either visualize or think of something that reminds me of the task/situation even sometimes play a word or number game in my head. Hard to explain but try something like #’s Remembering a phone #. Look at the key pad & see what name or object it spells. Years 9/11/01 is easy to remember because it’s 911 followed by another 1. I remember a car that I had or a girl that I dated. Things like that.
Sometimes I put myself in a similar situation to remember.
It’s almost like I remember more then the situation it self but it helps me recall the specific situation.

The biggest curse you will have when you accomplish this is forgetting. If you can’t forget then you can’t forgive.

Linda asks…

Chosing the correct voice recording software to make audio training cd’s?

I am creating a training programme on cd for people to listen to in their cars, etc. There a 4 topic headings and loads of chapters. I’m recording using a microphone plugged into the computer. I’m currently using a programme called AntBytes. However, when i save each chapter the memory size is massive. I was hoping to be able to compile the training cd’s into a pack of 9 cd’s but it looks like it’s going to take about 30 cd’s. Can anyone recommend a good programme or method where the audio files are compressed to such a size that i will be able to get them onto a ‘not so ludicrous’ amount of cd’s. (someone mentioned Adobe Audition programme but i don’t know much about it)?

admin answers:

RecordForAll – was voted the best audio software for 2007

Give RecordForAll a try you can overlay tracks and add effects. It will do exactly what you want.

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