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David asks…

Memory Games??

Can you give me some websites where there is a memory game in which you have to look at a picture(s) for some time, and then answer some questions to see how much you remember??
That’s exactly not what I want!
I want websites that have games in which you get some time to look at a picture or pictures, and then you have to answer questions about the picture you saw!!

admin answers:

Mary asks…

What are some good memory games to play?

I mean like games that Enhance your memory. Because mine is pretty bad and i forget things easily.

admin answers:

Wow. That guy must really want to be selling somthing!

Donna asks…

Will my memory improve if I keep playing memory games on the internet?

Like remembering which card is which when it’s turned over and stuff like that? If I played those games daily, would my memory improve?

admin answers:

Of course but you need to increase your difficult level once you master one level.

Carol asks…

What are some internet-based games that will help improve my memory?

My memory is terrible and I wanted to play memory games for about 5-10 mins everyday to improve.

admin answers:

There is a awesome site called It not only helps with memory but overall cognition. I’ve been using it for awhile and have had great success. Give it a try. There is a free three week trial. I was hooked the first day. The games are all based on IQ tests and are quite entertaining although beware – some are far more difficult than they appear. Good luck!

Daniel asks…

How much memory does the games for my ipod nano take up?

i am trying to find out how much memory games are for my ipod.

admin answers:

Different games are different sizes.

Minigolf – 37.3 Mb
Texas Holdem – 47.6 Mb
Vortex – 22.8 Mb
Zuma – 17.3 Mb

I havent got any of the others but it gives you an idea.

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