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Lizzie asks…

Anyone going thru a parent with short term memory loss due to heart disease?

My Dad has had a heart attack in the past year and the last 2 yrs his short term memory loss has gotten worse – especially after the heart attack. It’s not Alzheimer’s – it’s heart disease that has caused short term loss. He can recall all older things. I just need any tips or to talk to someone who has gone or is going thru it. Thanks and please no stupid posts – if you don’t have something worth the energy it takes to type it… just don’t.

admin answers:

If your dad has had a heart attack, it is possible he has arteriosclerosis (a stiffening of the blood vessel walls) or a type of arterial blockage due to cholesterol buildup. . If this occurs in blood vessels in the brain it could cause “mini-strokes. These strokes can cause lesions (damage to brain tissue) which can affect short term memory. It prevents the individual from moving a memory from short term memory to long term memory. He can recall old memories because those were well established in his long term memory before any damage to his brain tissue occurred. While the heart attack itself may have little to do with his memory problem, it could be a contributing factor. More likely the memory loss (a form of dementia) is being caused by some of the same factors that precipitated his heart attack. These are usually cholesterol buildup in arteries and arteriosclerosis which is a stiffening of the artery wall. While this type of dementia is usually associated with old age it can occur earlier. (middle age) There is a lot more I could say on the subject but I tend to babble on when I write these answers. Needless to say I wish your dad the best. Good luck to you and your family.

Linda asks…

Did they guy at the clinic on 50 first dates suffer from short term memory loss?

I’m wanting to refer to this for a essay but I cant remember if he suffered from long term memory loss or short term memory loss. Please help.

admin answers:

10 Second Tom suffered from short term memory loss.

Richard asks…

66 year old man with short term memory loss, is this a sign of the onset of dementia or alzheimer? What helps?

What can he do to improve his situation of short term memory loss?

admin answers:

Actually the answer is no. Many people when they start to experience symptoms such as these automatically think of these disorders. The major cause of short term memory loss is stress and a health issue ( from mild to severe, usually mild). Whoever this is have a full check by the doctor and insist on a full blood check.

One of the ways to deal with this once a physical cause is ruled out is to do brain training and improvement games, hobbies or join a group of people with similar likes or excercise (start with gentle walk, gardening etc). Also definitly find some way to lower stress.

As with any part of your body and mind if you do not use it you will lose the function as you age.

Robert asks…

How do you know if you have short term memory loss?

So last year i got hit in the face with a car jack. Ever since then when i try and think back about what i did last week or trying to describe someone that i saw maybe an hour ago, or telling someone about a conversation i just had, and i dont remember stuff like that. Does that mean i have short term memory loss??

admin answers:

Go and see a doctor :)
And dont worry you are fine:)

Donna asks…

What is the main cause of short term memory loss?

What is the main cause of short term memory loss? And also i work in a kitchen that uses charcoal to cook food and it gets really hot and dusty and makes me feel like i am suffocating, i keep getting headaches day after day is this because of the heat or the carbon thats being released? Should i quit this job? Im having an headache right now

admin answers:

Inattention often causes short-term memory loss. It can also be caused by a deficit of oxygen.

Lack of oxygen due to poor ventilation may worsen the effects of what you feel as “suffocation” and you may in fact be strangling and getting headaches because there is more carbon dioxide than oxygen in the air you are breathing. Long-term lack of oxygen causes permanent brain-damage.

You should mention this to your boss, the manager, and/or the owner of the place. This is a serious heath issue and everyone who works in that kitchen may end up asphyxiated, smothered, and choked, i.e., permanently brain-damaged or dead.

Also, if nothing is done to repair the problem, you might want to contact whoever in your state, county, and/or city handles restaurants and their safety and cleanliness. Maybe the federal OSHA office and/or local Better Business Bureau.

Meanwhile, make sure you get outside to breathe fresh air as often as you can.


Paul asks…

How to cure dementia or short-term memory loss?

My aunt is 56-year-old. She suffers from short-term memory loss. She forgets things done in the morning till evening.

Can u suggest any exercise, diet, lifestyle, sciences of treatment like homeopathy, ayurvedic or anything else which may be helpful.

Allopathy is not helping her. She is seeing a doctor and taking Donep 10, Admenta 10 and Flunil 10.

Thank you.

i really appreciated.your advice.


admin answers:

Some of the medications that she is taking are generally used for treating Alzheimer’s for which there is currently no cure. Short term memory loss is also a symptom of Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia. There are various holistic treatments that can improve the lives of Alzheimer’s patients. My Mom has had Alzheimer’s for 10 years now and has never had an allopathic medication.

Here are some remedies for Alzheimer’s, more information on each remedy is available at the source link:

Phosphatidyl serine (PS)
Ginkgo Biloba
Lemon Balm
Music Therapy
Huperzine A
Vitamin E
Exercise (mental and physical)

Homeopathy has also helped with my Mom’s condition, but this is a complicated modality and should only be used with the guidance of a qualified homeopath.

Donald asks…

In the movie memento, how does Leonard KNOW that he has the short term memory loss?

If he was hit on the head and that’s what caused the short term memory loss, then how does he know he has short term memory loss? wouldn’t he forget everything every few seconds, including the fact that he has short term memory loss? How is it that he ‘lost’ his memory after he knew what he had?

admin answers:

If you’re asking this question, you obviously haven’t seen the movie. He knows he has short term memory loss because he can never remember anything more than a few minutes in the past. He leaves himself notes to remind him what he needs to do. He tattoos important notes on his body so he can’t lose them.

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