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Donald asks…

Can you tell me some games that can train my memory?

I need to train my memory. I don’t like simple games such as finding pairs or something like that. I need games that can truly train my memory, intensely on a daily basis. Have any suggestion?
I mean games like pure puzzle games, just pure memory training games, not related to other genres such as action or something. I mean Mind Games.

admin answers:

U can improve ur memory power of ur brain by simply playing sudoku,chess,maze,magic square in in internet. Other than that u can improve by answering some questions in puzzle books(which r related to analytical and logical reasoning).i hope u got my points and definitely train ur memory in shorter period.all the best.thank u.

Thomas asks…

Need to know which is most perfect brain training games or puzzle game and where can i down load it?

Need to know which is most perfect brain training games or puzzle game and where can i down load it. Need to improve my IQ , Memory power and Problem solving skills. Suggest me a best websites from where can i benefit it and also suggest me some interesting games which can train brain?

admin answers:


Sharon asks…

Does playing video games affect my memory?

Hello, I play this game “Maplestory” for 3 years. It consists of me “training” to gain more lvls by hitting on monsters repetitively. These three years, I feel like I am losing my memory to minor things, especially this year. But this year, i am doing APs which requires a lot of work. Is it because my mind is so into the APs that I am forgetting things or is it because of doing something repetitively (Maplestory)? Or is it just my instincts?

admin answers:

You face a tough question that i was wondering myself this past year. I played maple 24/7 all of last summer and i also had trouble remembering things other then on the game. I think that by focusing so much on the game your subconscious as well as your conscious mind is thinking of the game. I found that i would always think of the game no matter what i was doing so that may be your problem. I suggest taking a break or cutting the game out altogether if you are really having trouble remembering things.

John asks…

What are some good good computer games to train your brain, improve reasoning, memory, reaction time, ect. ?

Train Your Brain from Nintendo is a good one, but I don’t want to buy a Nintendo DS system just for one game!


admin answers:

I think the Shanghi tiles game (you can play on Yahoo) is good. Sudoku is another that will help (I believe you can find that on Yahoo as well). Logic problems are probably the best. Some sites will allow you to print the problems out, and some you are able to play online. Here are two sites that I use.

George asks…

Does video games that have puzzle consider training your mind?

Alright so, i hate sudoku. I want a fun way to train Memories/Mind. Does playing video games like Uncharted, Devil may cry. Professor Layton, Resident evil that contains puzzles help training my mind too? And also, im on holiday now and my grade exams is coming soon. So how do you keep your standard on EVERY subject you’re taking? I mean if i focus on Science, I cant focus on maths! Need help here- thanks in advance Xo

admin answers:


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