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Sandra asks…

Memory Techniques: Ever use a Memory Palace?

Or – what is your favorite memory technique?

(If you’ve never heard of a Memory Palace:)

((((((((((Proc)))))))))) – It’s been much too long!! I’ve been – well, insane!! (I know you understand!! LOL)
Try the whiskey bottle next……LOL!! :)

admin answers:

Well, that was interesting, looking at those links. Thanks :)

i never have used the memory palace, but i kind of wish someone had given me that technique during my school days, i think it would have been extremely useful.

I found, whilst revising for exams, that simply reading did not ‘imprint’ as well as writing. To give you an example, i could read a particular essay twenty times and not be able to remember it as accurately as would be required in an exam situation. However, the act of copying it or writing it down once or twice would make it stick. Writing is what works for me. I seem to require some sort of physical engagement.

Steven asks…

Information overload…how does it affect you?

I speed read through an article, and even though I can read, I don’t understand, because I am still trying to learn. For example try reading this article (, without having any knowledge of image processing and graphics at a technical level.

Not sure what is faulty with my memory, however, I tend to forget stuff as soon as I absorb myself into the details which I cannot understand, and, I cannot for example recall the original definition which I did understand because it was worded simply, for the purpose of giving a definition:
In digital signal processing, spatial anti-aliasing is the technique of minimizing the distortion artifacts known as aliasing when representing a high-resolution image at a lower resolution. Anti-aliasing is used in digital photography, computer graphics, digital audio, and many other applications.

Hence it seems to me that the problem is one that I am not capable of abstracting unknown information, or else I have really bad memory. Does it happen to you?

Are you a Ph.D? How do you go about it?

admin answers:

You need to find the “Aha!” moment where it dawns on you. I’ve taken several EM fields courses but when I design an antenna I have to visualize where the currents are going. Then I can fine tune it with the math.

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