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Donald asks…

Are there any free online memory games?

Games like “concentration” and other stuff would be helpful. Thanks!

admin answers:

Visit this site

George asks…

what free online games can improve my brain power and memory?

a game that show results please

admin answers:

Flipwords is wonderful for that.

Helen asks…

What’s the best place for free online video games (without annoying ads!)?

My two kids just got their own pc. I want to let them play simple free online arcade games (like dressup, puzzle & girlie games or action & adventure pc games for the boy ) but i dont want to expose them to adult ads. Also i remember to have seen fun memory and skills games somewhere, which i think can be a benefit for my children. But i forgot the name of the site and i cant find it anymore. HELP!

admin answers:

Hi, Hayley, you may try Your children can learn from the game and play
chess with each other.

Donna asks…

free online games to suit a 5 year old?

need some games sites for my daughter. she is 5. was hoping to get a prpoper game with levels to work through rather than the simpler memory games or repetitive ones like that.
haha some of u trying to spam…

ITS FOR A 5 YR OLD lol she wouldnt be into warcraft, at least I hope not :P
I never said I wanted to buy a xbox or anything either…
Dear CRUNKNESS, If you refer to my original comment and read it properly you may understand a little better.

You actually told me to not let my daughter grow up ignorant and judgemental. Well I am the most non-judgemental person I have ever met and my daughter is just fine thank you. If there is one thing I cant stand its people using my daughter to try and get at me.

NOW HERE is the reason I wrote what I wrote to you…

I was writing a question on yahoo when my 5 YEAR OLD daughter came up to me and said “Mummy why is that girl showing her bum?”
I told her not to worry about it that some people did silly things like that.
Later on she started trying to pose like that stupid bloody picture you have and I had to give her the talk about why its not appropriate. Kids see everything and here on yahoo I shouldnt have to worry about her seeing that. She is clever, inquisitive, and learns quick
she now knows that pose and sticking your A*ss out is not something normal people do. After seeing your picture she thought it was ok…

Now, you say you ahd the picture there coz its someone else and you were trying to show a tattoo?? Well, I DONT SEE A TATTOO, How about you? All I see is that chicks butt… which wouldnt bother me if it wernt for the fact that this is A SITE FOR KIDS as well as adults and also if my daughter had never seen it and I didnt have to spend so much time trying to make up for the mistake from you. I dont even know if those type of pics are allowed here – somehow I doubt it. Dont try and tell me the pic is there because your trying to show a tat – I cant see sh*it.

admin answers: i babysite for a 5 year old girl nd i no she likes to play on this website its alittle hard but she gets the hang of it, she can do makeover on girls(barbies) and design room, paint barbies nails. It fun nd i remeber playing on this wen i was little, it a fun website. Nd the guy who said clubpenguin that is a no no that is so not for 5 year old it a chat room kind of game. But the other game ppl said like, or r great websites.

Sandra asks…

Where can i play a free online game like Wizard 101 with this memory.?

A game like wizard 101 with a minimum of 222 megabytes of graphics? with you know kid based graphics but not to realistic with castles and stuff just like wizard 101.

admin answers:

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