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Nancy asks…

brain exercises?

Does anyone know of any brain exercises that help improve memory and cognitive function that can be practiced daily and are fun and interesting? Brain websites would also help. Thanks

admin answers:

Medation can really help u to exercises ur brain .. Can realy make u calm … And also writng stories which makes u think more and also think fresh … Which exercises ur brain …

Ken asks…

Brain Exercises?

What can I do to let my brain have a good workout? Something simple which I can do in my own home without purchasing any expensive videotapes or programmes.

admin answers:


Paul asks…

Are there any easy to do at home cognitive or brain exercises?

I already do crosswords, are there any other exercises? Meditation maybe? I guess I really kinda want brain training exercises, any and all comments are welcome. Thnx for your consideration

admin answers:

Read and memorise poems, the old-fashioned rhyming ones. It is good for both sides of the brain.
You don’t say why you need this. There are many aspects of it.
If you learn to play the piano or any instrument, it helps memory and all sorts of cognitive skills.
Play scrabble. Play chess.

Richard asks…

Where can i find brain exercises online?

I want to start doing daily brain exercises online, also if you know of any that i can do at home tell me, like for ex. walk with your eyes close to use your five senses, etc….. thanks.

admin answers:

Some good reading here.

Joseph asks…

Can brain exercises help you lose weight?

Every time I go to class where there is a lot of math, i.e. college level calculus, and sit there for two hours doing calculations, thinking hard and to the point where I almost crack, I get really tired. So I’m wondering if it is possible to lose calories when your brain is working to its potential? After all, there has to be some energy used right? Would this energy you use be significant enough to help someone lose weight along-side a good diet and physical exercises?

admin answers:

You’re feeling tired because you did not eat the right nutrients to last you until the next meal. There is no scientific proof that shows brain excercises help you lose weight. I think physical exercise along with decreasing your daily intake of calories is the most effective way of losing weight. :)

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