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Susan asks…

Memory techniques?

Can you tell me of any memory techniques that can enable me to remember things fast?

admin answers:

I heard from a friend of mind that meditation can really help a lot.. They said
“clearing your mind.. Would help you remember everything” not sure how she got that.. But definitely helps me

George asks…

memory techniques?……..?

Can you tell me some techniques to improve memory?…like i have to study a lot and remember a lot…for the exam and so on…what are some general techniques?…
And where on the Net can we find some efficient techniques/ tutorials?..

admin answers:

I had some memory techniques here somewhere, but where on earth did I put them? Oh yes, one word: exercise. The more you challenge your brain to create neuro-pathways, the better and more numerous they become. Why, you could fill all those empty spaces in your brain and become a real Mensa.
OK, two words… The other one is mnemonics. You know, little reminders that seem similar, to act as a triggering device? Only be sure to use mnemonics that are ridiculous and worth remembering.

What was the rest of your question?

Helen asks…

Memory Techniques?

What are some ways to improve your memory and ability to memorize materials? and also ways to improve learning skills and focus? And I don’t want to hear anything about ginseng. :)

admin answers:

The first step is to make sure get plenty of sleep and exercise, and have a healthy diet. If you don’t have time for a healthy diet, take supplements, not ginseng.

The problem with most people (like myself) who are forgetful, is it’s necessary to “train your brain” about which stuff is important to remember. Have you ever driven home, or to work, and realized that you have no recollection whatsoever of going through a certain intersection, or down some street?

What happened is, you were almost certainly 100% aware of where you were at the time, but your mind “dropped” the info because it has learned from numerous experiences that the info is irrelevant after the fact.

If you want to remember more information from class lectures, you might want to spend as much detail after your classes trying to remember the details of what the instructor said.

Do this whenever you have a few minutes, and eventually you’ll be able to recall the lecture (or whatever it is you’re trying to remember) very easily.

Sandy asks…

What should i include in my essay for Memory Techniques?

Im doing a 4 page essay on Memory Techniques, an dI have no more things to say about it, :( if you could please give me some ideas that would be great thanks!

admin answers:

Hi Emely,
The technical term for memory techniques is mnemonics. Here’s a link that lists and illustrates a lot of these techniques. There are commonly used examples for particular content. For example.. To remember the lines and spaces for the treble staff to read music we use the first letter of the following phrase: Every Good Boy Does Fine.. And the word FACE for the spaces. So starting at the bottom it’s EFGABCDE. The concept is that it’s easier to remember something that has meaning vs. A group of random letters. So the mnemonic involves taking seven letters and making a phrase and a word out of them. Regards.

Joseph asks…

Anybody know any techniques to improve memory?

I know memory techniques to remember lists of objects, like linking system and the peg system and I can remember lists of up to 100 this way, but I don’t find it very useful in everyday life where I might need to remember to do around 5 things throughout the day.

admin answers:

Somehow, I found that memorizing things does the trick. But its an old and out moded method to apply.and has its lapses. The more you tried to remember things the more you forget. I cant suggest you to do what I did, but it worked with me, and my memory improved few percent up!
The logic is to start reading backward randomly page by page without memorizing them, do not read them again. And if you wish to remember what line, what page and which chapter you went through, all you have to do is
read a page or two in the middle and everything comes to you like you knew them from long time. Sounds rediculous?

Logic (2) scoop a hanful of marbles and drop them all together on the wide floor area, as marbles hits the floor, they will be scattered in a wide area. But! The chance of recovering them all may take time and sometimes you can only recover few of them. Its because, you confuse yourself by following some of them to thier direction.

Technique! When you accidentally or intently drop small things on the floor or wherever, focus your sight in the middle of the impact point! You’ll be amazed by the turnout. Crazy? Maybe’ but works like magic

and if you cant beleive these, try to solve some maze puzzle starting from the exits towards entry.

Paul asks…

How to best teach children memory techniques to remember long numbers?

I’m talking of mnemo techniques where you associate pictures to numbers. Like a wheel represents 0, a candle represents 1, a swan represents 2, etc.

I know how to learn these as an adult, but are there any strategies adapted to children?

admin answers:

You are on the right track…Then make exaggerated stories about the objects that represent the numbers in sequence to make the children better remember. The more the stories are exaggerated, the better the children will remember the numbers.

James asks…

What are some quality memory techniques that work?

Was wondering if anyone had any good techniques to help remember things beside the obvious, i.e. studying. :)

admin answers:

Not smoking pot………. And flash cards

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