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Linda asks…

If ds is only for kids why do they have games like brain training and pic cross ?

young children would find these games to hard

admin answers:

DS is not only for children. There are plenty of games for the DS that are geared toward adults or people of many different ages. Brain age is a game for all ages, and there are some fun murder mystery games, too. I also know that there are some programs for weight loss that you can purchase and run on the DS that have yoga poses, etc…

Chris asks…

why do people think affirmations, incantations and mantras are evil or bad?

its a repeated word to train your brain. that would mean teaching a language to any kid is bad because we train our kids over n over with words like “good job” and then that “good job” for good self esteem is a mantra ect…so whats the problem here?

admin answers:

One of those Mantras killed that nature guy, Steve Owens or whatever.

Thomas asks…

DS Brain training?

Which one is best?

I am looking to buy one of them for the family, my kids are 5 and 8, my wife and I slightly older. Is one more suited to the kids or does the scoring take care of that?


admin answers:

They have 2 types, ‘Brain Training’ And ‘More Brain Training’.
The Second one is for people who have had the first one and want more of a challenge so i suggest getting just the ‘Brain Training’ one.
I own it and its very entertaining.
The scoring is 20+ but im 14 and i find it enjoyable anyway.

Hope i helped.

Charles asks…

where can I find a Kids With Special Needs equipment for walking and training his muscles, he is 6 years old?

after he was born he had a serious problems in his brain cells relating to the oxygen in his brain, so he can’t hair , talk , walk . but he can understand very well.
need to know a good place to buy the equipment need for his case to improve his muscles and help him to walk.
I hope I’ll find the answer here
Thanks for help
P.S. I live in Cairo , Egypt .

admin answers:

Hi Nasser,
I would recommend talking to a professional about the specific type of equipment your son would need. You do not mention how impaired his muscle tone is and that would make a big difference in the type of equipment he would need and what he would be able to do.
I live in Maadi (but I am leaving in 2 weeks), and there are a couple of places you could go to ask questions and get answers and they might be able to tell you where they buy their equipment.
1) MOVE Children Center in Degla, Maadi
202 521 2321
2)Learning Resource Center in New Maadi Area, Cairo
202 5163965

I was a pediatric speech therapist before moving here and worked with several pediatric physical therapists. A pediatric physical therapist would be the best person to tell you what you need for your son. In the meantime, you could purchase a large exercise ball (the large blow up ones), they should be available in exercise stores or go to a gym and ask where they purchased theirs. These balls are wonderful for improving muscle tone, you could help your child sit and bounce on the ball (with as much support as he needed…you must be careful not to cause injury), which would help with trunk(muscles in the back) support and balance. A physical therapist could help you find many other uses for the ball that I don’t feel qualified to instruct you on especially not knowing your son’s abilities and limitations. Swimming is also an excellent activity as it removes the effects of gravity on your son’s muscles. You could swim with him in a pool and help him move his muscles. I would not recommend horse back riding here unless you find a qualified professional, without the proper training and understanding of how to properly support your son on a horse, you could cause injury.
Good luck in finding what you need, I hope these websites are useful to you. Your son is blessed to have a wonderful and caring parent like you.

Sharon asks…

Why my wife wanna betray Me & Kids?

We’re married for 6+ years and having 2 sons ~ 5 years old and almost 2 years old. We’re being a happy couple when we met and till married. i’ve supported the family financial with every single cents i’ve earned and i’ve been a good husband and father ~ No smoking, No gamble, No going out & No drinking. We’re trained our kids knowing our family must be together ~ with father must got mother. and we’re happy with it. When i’ve noticed, my family gots income problems and i’ve been trying to supported it with everything i could by working overnight at home often. She’s noticed me always worked at home overnight but she’s didnt understand my pressure. Always asked me – Don’t work to late but i’ve ignored her many times coz if i’ve stoped WHO’s will supported my family. My brain started to think HOW am i earned more to give better life to my wife and kids! till…. i’ve noticed –> my wife said WE no love & want to divorced and she’s in love with her penpal guy at china, leaving us………
She’s refused to gets counselling with pastor and forget every single things we’ve promised plus our wedding VOWes at church. Only she’s want is asking me to LET her go and she’s said She’s suffering. I did asked her for last chance by revised all my schedule for her to unite our happy family but she’s refused. I noticed her heart become hard than a metal and doesnt care of children losing their mother. it’s really hurted me 100% and i suffering when i knows my sons will lost her mother forever. MY sons are innocent!!!! Why she wanna broke their TRUE heart as what we’re being through trainning them from the day our sons born. WHY????
i’ve struggled till my heart on her broken but i still love her if she’s still willing to ….. i still asking her to unite our family to go to NEW place to start over again. She’s still refused. MY KIDS FAITH still SAME and i’m SAD….. How am i survive this????
i knows she’s got this guy penpal when we’re together till now. But ppl’s always got penpal including me. But when i found her, i cutted all my penpal coz i’ve found the right person to started my life. penpal = friends. Before she’s telling me her answer, She’s always said wanna have a long vacation to china to meet her father plus penpal and i knows she’s got presure with kids. And i trusted her 100% with all my heart, i plan for whole family going to china vacation but she’s refused saying it’s expensive but i can borrow 1st. She’s still refused and so… i asked her sister to go with her. My father died at my age of 18 and i usually said father and child must got communication when they’re still here. i supported her to take a long vacation and i’ll take care 2 kids.
NIGHTMAREs came…. before coming back from china saying her answer to me. Now she’s back after meeting china guy 1st. face to face with her sister and asking for divorced…..

admin answers:

You sound like a very loving and devoted husband and father. I am in tears right now that you could be going through all this. I am a military wife and I thank god everyday that I have a loving devoted husband because I see so many marriges end around me and for stupid reasons and some people you think are going to be together forever and then they part and it’s so mixed up. I hate to say it because I know you are dying inside, but let her go. You deserve better and so much more, and so do your children. If she can just walk away, she isn’t worth it. You’ve been taking care of her so long, see how she survives without you. You have done all you can to save this marriage now it’s time to concentrate on your sons. They will need you to be strong for them. Stay active with your church, and remind your kids everyday that you love them and so does their mom even know she left and it wasn’t anyones fault, it was her decision. Find yourself new friends who will help you accept this.
My husband is the son of a devorce his father had to be a contractor and worked far away to support his wife, my husband now, and triplet identical 4 year old boys. His mother sent his father divorse papers on valentine’ day, his father had sent her two dozen red roses. She took the kids and told the courts he had abandand them when he sent them every penny he made. People change and sometimes you just can’t make sense of it. You have to just move on with your life. My prayers are with you.

Lisa asks…

How is the 1st page of my hunger games spin off?

i recognize that is a spin off and i originally did not come up with the idea Suzanne Collins did also there will be grammar problems it is a rough draft…

“Today is my day” I whisper as I lay in bed staring at my ceiling. I restlessly turn over a few times then I train my eyes on my clock. I squint trying to make sense of the numbers in the dark. It was 7:00 in the morning, dad told me I had to sleep in but I know I can’t. No not today. I get out of bed and fumbled for the light switch then flick it on. I slump over to my mirror and take in my image. Dark circles deeply imprinted under my eyes, I’ve been too nervous to get proper sleep for the last week or so. All of those sleepless nights thinking up strategies were all worth it though because I will be prepared. I live in district 4 were many people fish for a living. Not my family though. My dad trains kids for the hunger games and gets paid a lot of money to do it. He only accepts certain clients, ones with promise. He won the 36th hunger games in record timing; he could kill no problem with his bare hands. My attention snaps back to my reflection, god I really do look like my dad. Everything from my long nose to my straight auburn hair and my deep brown eyes. “Dad won’t be too pleased you’re out of bed yet you know he wants you to be well rested by 2:00” I don’t have to turn around to know who it is. My brother Lynx has had no interest in the hunger games although my father tried to explain the honor of winning or dying as a tribute. How it would improve the lives of everyone in the district. He never bought into the idea so my dad began preparing me for the hunger games. “I don’t care” I mumble to him still feeling groggy. “I’m going to go to the center” I say. He gives me a stare, trying to decode what is going on in my brain. Lynx finally gave up and left me standing alone in my room. I grab a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, it doesn’t matter what I wear I have to change when I get to the center. Lynx comes back into my room holding an anklet tightly woven out of fishing net. “I know dad had some surprise token for you to wear in the arena but promise you will wear this” Lynx looked pretty serious and I know dad will be mad if I wear this but I accept it and through it in a canvas string bag slung across my shoulder. Quietly I walk downstairs trying not to wake my mom. When I get to my kitchen I find she is already there “I knew you would be going to the center early” I smile at her and try to not look at her puffy eyes and red cheeks; an obvious symbol she has been crying all morning. I remember when I was 6 the first day my dad took me to the training center how she was overcome by despair and wept for what felt like weeks. She has always felt like “I’m an animal being raised for slaughter.” I’ve given up trying to explain to her that I’m no animal and it’s my choice to be a tribute I’m what many call a career tribute. Careers look forward to the day where they a trained up enough to volunteer in the hunger games. My mom stuffs a piece of toast in my hand then points to the table and said “sit and eat something” I’m not going to argue I’m pretty hungry so sit down at the kitchen table as my mom puts a plate of scrambled eggs in front of me. When the smell of egg and toast hits my nose I actually feel queasy, this could possibly be one of the last things my mom makes for me “no, no don’t think like that I’m going to come home and get my own home here in victors village” I recite multiple times in m brain while I eat the toast and eggs.

p.s this is not fan fiction don’t call it that
i have no intention of publishing this at the current time i just want peoples opinion no need to worry about copyright please…

admin answers:

I am not familiar with “hunger games,” so I’m not the best person to comment on the content. I do, however, have a couple of suggestions as to form. 1) Try breaking up your writing into paragraphs; it is easier for the reader to deal with smaller hunks of text. 2) Decide whether you want to narrate in the present or the past tense. Switching back and forth between the two is distracting to the reader.
Good luck with your writing and have fun doing it!

Donna asks…

Wrote some very influential political based rap lyrics, can i get some opinions? Keep in mind im 14?

Hey listen up, and turn the system up, so I can ask you is it pointless, to give money to the homeless, if you know, that their only solace is in alcohol and drugs, and you just shrug, And tell me is it worth it to try to spread my words of wisdom? You don’t have to agree with me to see religious fanaticism, hate crimes flash before our eyes and people despise, each others beliefs that are unproven, take my words and gift it to another start a movement, hear and listen hard, what kind of world is this where a starving family has to win a lottery, just for dad to get a green card, and when he leaves them at home, and goes to work in the states, the signatures on his checks, will be clearer than the memory of his face, and the UN? What the fuck do you think they’ll do? Oh I got the solution lets conduct a survey or two, and as far as our jobs and our education? Point your fingers at the school administration, because work has been a joke for the last generation, and when you encourage failure and those kids are now adults,wonder why the economy is showing no results, and it continues, these stupid values, training kids to act dumb and to use and that’s all fine, but they don’t change when its time to stop, this isn’t neverland son its time to grow up. These kids, turn into tommorows bankers, handing out loans carelessly, so a poor man can afford a yacht for his family, and there are many other causes but root is still the same, but it branches out till you don’t know what to blame, people say money isn’t they key to happiness and that’s exactly true in fact it’s the opposite it creates the most unhappiness maybe we should get a clue, there will be no hate or pain in the world if we overhaul this system, I hope the recession lasts forever that I attest to because until money is gone the world will always be, a critical review, from opinionated kids like me who will not look at the suffering and say “let it be”, and I will always say that we can do without dirty currency causing all the grief and pain, there wouldn’t be a recession, without this worldwide obsession, and maybe all those people in the white house can put their heads together and make a meaningful impression, not something minor, its time our country learns from its mistakes and begins to retaliate against its own transgression and we realize that through tiny eyes a child can understand the value of money just by sitting in a stroller and watching a homeless man beg for a 20 and he asks why does he sleep outside just to get pieces of paper? The mom says son one day you’ll understand the value of this shredded piece of wood, but till then just enjoy your life as much as a child could. Get the info on whats on the down low, then tell everybody, just shout it like a stereo, now let me let you in on a little secret, the world is better place when we forgive and forget, let the bad memories fade away from your brain, and begin to dream about a world with no drive by lane, the money is gone, with that the criminals, Disney now makes movies with no messages subliminal, and is it possible that religion is no longer needed to sate peoples feelings, replacing the worldwide bestseller that had you praying and kneeling, imagine someone real brought you something that you could actually beleive in, and you know that its true because you can see it, and i speak for the ones for whom speaking isnt easy, spread my meaning through my music is what im after, what, do you think 2012 is going to be a natural disaster? It has nothing to do with magic or flying saucers, its going to take effect from us abusing our planet earth, we are the monsters, or maybe a devastating advance in human technology, falling into the wrong hands, but not a catastrophe, just like an oil spill killing our oceans still, who predicted that? why didnt they make a film. Cause nobody really cares, and people don’t like to think for themselves, but recently, a majority of us have become smarter, People who can influence others with your words and music, enough about how great you are, and how much you get youre dick licked, start making rhymes about what our world is dealing with, im just a young kid and I can write these lyrics, let me tell you I don’t care if you copy my song, as long as you keep the message strong, so any good rapper out there who can hear me, write a few real verses about something you deal with, something with meaning, like they did in the old days, learn to get youre point across, just look up Billy Mays, and understand that, not many problems can be solved with a gat, and I don’t know what it feels to be shot at, but I can tell you how it feels to be ignored and laughed at, because every time you differ from the pack there are those who cant wait to stab you in the back, but they can kiss my ass while theyre at it, because ill always stand strong and I’ll never say Ive had it.

admin answers:

First of all, i refuse to read past your headline, because that’s insanely long

but i’ve always liked the line

“open every cell in attica, send em to africa’ by NAS

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