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Helen asks…

Where can I find a free online math exercise game similar to Brain Age?

Part of Brain Age includes basic math exercises. I’d like to know if there is something similar online. The game has elementary operations like addition and multiplication, but I would prefer something that also has decimals and percentages. Is there something online that includes all of this?

admin answers:

Http:// < got loads of maths stuff on there my school uses it

James asks…

Seniors…… you have a brain exercise site you like that is free online?

admin answers:

No, I do crosswords (Telegraph and/or Times) and answer questions on here.
Sudoku is supposed to be good exercise.
There is a little bit of info if you scroll down the page after clicking on…


Most of the sites refer to physical exercise or you have to ‘join’.

Paul asks…

Is it possible to improving brain skills?

There are lot of free online games and few paid courses on internet to improve brain skills. Are they useful? Is it possible to improve brain skills by exercise like physical exercise improves body power? Is there any trusted sources read about this on internet?

admin answers:

Yes! You must have Seen the movie limitless. If you haven’t, GO SEE IT ASAP!!! But yea you can work your brains memory and reaction time through practice. Good memory= intelligence. Fast reaction time= physical ability

Nancy asks…

Train Braining Exercises?

Similar to the Nintendo DS game ‘Brain Age’ is there a website that offers games like those to play online for free?

Here is the link for the Brain Age game in case you do not know what I mean,

I want to get better at complex problem solving creativity.

admin answers:

Try It contains many forms of problems from Harry Potter trivia to math. I used it as part of cognitive therapy after a serious accident that left me with a skull fracture and only the ability to feel frustrated that I should know the answer but didn’t.

Donald asks…

How do I become smarter?

I want to learn very badly. I want to be the smartest that my potential will allow. How can I achieve this? School is out, and plus you don’t learn very much in public schools in Florida. Are there any free online recreational school courses that I could take? Or any sites for free brain games? I’m in the summer before my Sophomore year of high school, btw.

ANY advice is welcomed. I want to exceed in school when I go back. I want to be at the top of my class. I want to know as much as I can possibly know. Please help.

Another thing! If anyone has an links to re-organizing and exercising the different parts of the brain, don’t hesitate to post it!

Please and thank you!
I’m already aware of those topics, but thanks for the response. :) I will use your advice.

admin answers:

Try has just about anything you want to learn and it is simple and easy
(bill gates even has his kid use it) C:
also simply try reading

Ken asks…


Every writer, of any sort, they consist of steps of how they write. Whether it’s writing fictional stories, magazine, articles, scripts, songs, movies, sitcoms, you name it. Every writer has a journey of writing. Just like in movies first they always do a story board and gather ideas. Some people read books to garner ideas or to simply mirror situations. Whether some people like to read or write it’s for entertainment purposes, for educational usage and/or free time; writing is exercising your brain. When it comes to my journey of writing it consists of writing primarily at night, doing free writing, enjoying editing/revising and always looking for ways to improve as a writer.

When it comes to primarily writing at night, I like to ponder and enjoy quietness. That’s a good way to start for me. My mind is more imaginative in the sense of thoughts and ideas. I like to reflect my day at night and that helps me to garner ideas and implement new writings. The night inspires me to write and sing, amongst other things. My thoughts flow more freely at night so I grab a pen and paper and begin to write while I reminisce the night away. I have tried to write in the morning but I’m looking forward to what I’ll be doing that day. So writing at night for me, it is very therapeutic for me and I feel that I do my best.

I like to begin my free writings by writing my thoughts down and from there I can see what I’ll be writing about. I like to have a clean sheet of paper and/or on computer. Sometimes I wonder what I will write about and my writing always depends on my mood. How much information I have come about and willing to share to an audience of any amount or sort. Something’s are too personal to share. As I write, I enjoy writing about anything that has to deal with what I’m feeling, whether it’s fictional or not. So those are the main factors when it comes to my writings. As I begin, I free write and after I go back and highlight what message I’m trying to convey or bring about.

I like to read everything I write all back in my head. I really enjoy the feeling of reading back what I write. I think it’s very therapeutic and I get to catch mistakes along the way. The thing I look for first is spelling. To me spelling is very important because if you are arguing with someone: via writing or trying to prove a point, spelling is the important function for me. The second thing I look for is grammar. That also has very important factor to factor in. So as I have done my free writing and have enjoyed peace and thought, I edit and look for spelling, grammar and reading it all back to myself.

Something’s I would want to do more frequently and to learn is to improve as a writer. I’m a very good listener, observer and that’s a good factor I feel that I have. The weakness that I notice is wrong comma usage and wrong vocabulary. I’m always trying to improve as a writer in any learned way that I approach. To become a better writer I feel that I can revise more and have other people read my stuff. I could also read more books because books are a great way to learn words, exercise your brain and to be better in articulation. I rarely read books. I always read like online articles, Facebook comments, YouTube comments, tweets, texts and any other social networking sites. I may also learn to write my ideas more and not store them in my memory bank; though I do retain ideas in my head for long periods of time. Those are my steps for writing.

admin answers:

I’m sorry. It was difficult to get past the first sentence.

Grammar-check your first sentence, then repost.

PS I just read your second sentence. It’s not even a sentence.

Robert asks…

Accidentally took ALCAR, is this stuff safe?

I was looking for a safe brain supplement to help me focus. All over the medical websites they talked about how extremely safe and beneficial ALCAR is and that people should start supplementing with it. It was advertised on TV, Youtube, books and internet as “natural brain nutrient”. I could not find any concerning harmful side effects online. It was even recommended by a reputable medical doctor, Dr. Weil:

I initially wasn’t going to buy any supplements if I had to order them online. But when I was shopping around in the shopping center, I came across a health store and found ALCAR on the shelf. The store assistant came up to me and explained to me that ALCAR is a safe natural brain supplement, I assumed that she was knowledgeable about ALCAR since she worked there and the fact that she recommended me it. And first thing you assume when you shop at the health store is that it’s “healthy”(at least for me). When I checked the bottle, I could not find any warnings about ALCAR and only later through internet found out that it wasn’t FDA approved.

The store assistant recommended me to take 1.5g daily but luckily I only took 500mg for 2 days. I recently discovered that ALCAR could create free radical if taken too much. I searched about in ALCAR and free radical in logecity forum through google search engine( ALCAR free radical) and saw most post saying that if it’s below 4g, it should be fine. But in one post from “ALCAR and age adjusted dose ranging” post says 20 y/o shouldn’t take any because they risk oxidated stress.

So I’m worried that even the amount 500mg amount might have been too much for me(I’m 18 y/o). I regret believing the store assistant and wasting $90 of my hard earned cash. I stopped using after 2 days and wish ALCAR was prescription only like in Canada. I went and asked the doctor about what happened but the doctor doesn’t know if it was safe for me or not.

So I want to know whether this amount was safe for me. I’m mainly concerned about my brain health. Even if it did create free radicals, is it that bad for you? I heard that alcohol and exercise creates free radicals as well. Does the body have enough mechanisms to deal with oxidative stress?

admin answers:

You should read up about free radicals & antioxidants. “Free radicals” sounds very scary but I think that everyone has them, to some degree.

Yeah, you wasted your money buying it. But I personally don’t think you were harmed by the small amount that you took, since it is also produced by the human body.

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