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Memory? Or Heart? Which do you put first?

A very short post today to highlight a report by Scientific American of a study that suggests that

“Elderly with Heart Risk Factors May Be More Dementia-Proof”

A lot of things that are bad for your heart can also hurt your brain. High cholesterol, for example, contributes to heart disease. And it ups your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. … Unless, that is, you’re over 75. Because in a study of nearly 300 elderly men, researchers found that the guys with the highest levels of CRP were just half as likely to have siblings or parents with dementia—which bodes well for them. Those results are in the journal Neurology. …”
Read more at: Elderly with Heart Risk Factors May Be More Dementia-Proof – Scientific American

Counterintuitive? I’d say so, but as is usually the case with such studies the results have to be weighed carefully by experts against other findings. Certainly they’re not to be taken as an excuse to put mind ahead of heart in caring for one’s body.

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