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Memory Improvement Games

Games can Improve Your Memory

As we say elsewhere, and many times, on this site just as your body needs regular exercise your brain also needs to be exercised on a regular basis. Memory games are ideal for helping your brain stay active and sharp. Whenever your brain is learning new things and being challenged your memory is stretched and strengthened a little. Young people also often increase their reaction speeds as their brains get fitter, whilst for older people mental exercise can slow the process of memory loss.

Electronic Games

While using flash cards and playing game such as chess can help slow memory loss there are also many electronic games designed to stretch the brain and help slow memory loss. Games such as “Big Brain Academy” for the Nintendo DS are memory games for adults and children. These are designed to get your brain working more intensively through a variety of demands such as to remember pictures and patterns, as well as activities dealing with money and guessing weight.

“Brain Training” is a similar memory game to “Big Brain Academy” and offers a variety of challenging brain activities such as number memory, drawing from memory, and multiplication tables. “Brain Training” also keeps a daily record of progress.

Mensa, the international network of high IQ people, have developed many tools and techniques over the years, including their Mensa Brain Trainer Electronic Game.

Other Memory Games

You can make a memory game out of almost anything. For example, make a game out of remembering a number of words each day. Write down ten random words on a piece of paper. Study the paper for a few minutes, put it away, then write down all of the words you can remember from the paper. Do this until you can remember all of the words on the paper. Each day, increase the number of words you try to memorize.

Classic games such as chess, draughts (checkers in US and Canadian English) and card games can also be used to increase memory. Thinking of different plays in a game of chess forces your brain to reason and study a situation. Regardless of what type of game you choose, the point is to make your brain more active through observing and memorizing.

Whether or not you choose to play electronic memory games for adults, make up your own games, or use flash cards, playing games can help increase your memory. Simply taking 15 minutes of time out of each day to play a memory game will help keep your brain agile, increase activity, and improve your memory.