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Memory Improvement – More Tips

How to Improve Memory

Just as exercise tones your muscles, so mental exercise can keep your brain in top shape. For a healthy individual improving memory at any age is to a large extent a matter of engaging in some simple brain fitness practices on a regular basis.

When you absorb information through your five senses, your brain is acquiring knowledge. It rapidly sorts this knowledge, discarding what it deems irrelevant and depositing the rest into short-term memory within a few seconds. Here, data undergoes yet another sorting process. Within a matter of 20 to 30 seconds your brain has designated some information for long-term memory storage. The rest you will quickly forget.

You can help guide this organic process by following some memory improvement tips. When you really want to remember specific information, you can employ several strategies to make sure that it is earmarked for long-term memory.

Memory Improvement Tips

  • Give your full attention to the data you want to remember. For example, if you are trying to memorize how to get to a friend’s apartment, put yourself mentally in your car. As you look at the map or directions, visualize making the turns and passing particular landmarks.
  • Avoid data overload. Improving memory does not mean cramming your head with as much knowledge as possible. Give your brain time to digest information by taking a step-by-step approach rather than an all or nothing information assault.
  • Assist your brain in sorting knowledge by clustering data. Research indicates that a memory is actually a cluster of sensory data assembled in your brain’s hippocampus. For example, your memory of eating an orange is a cluster of the scent, flavour, colour, and feel of the orange. Taking note of all your sensory input when you want to remember a specific piece of data is like advance clustering and helps ensure that it becomes a long-term memory.

By working in collaboration with the brain’s mnemonic processes, you can improve the way your brain retains and retrieves knowledge. Engaging your mind fully through all of your senses and taking a step-by-step, methodical approach optimizes your memory functions.

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