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Q & A via Yahoo! Answers: Memory Games

David asks… Memory Games?? Can you give me some websites where there is a memory game in which you have to look at a picture(s) for some time, and then answer some questions to see how much you remember?? Please! Michelle, That’s exactly not what I want! I want websites that have games in which […]

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A Brief History of the Rubik’s Cube and its Variants

The , a 3x3x3 mechanical puzzle modeled in the shape of a cube, has been a popular toy and one of the most widely used brain games for the past 40 years. The cube-shaped toy made out of plastic now also has a variety of other versions with both fewer and more squares, the most […]

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The Mensa Brain Trainer

Mensa International describes itself as the international high IQ society, providing “a forum for intellectual exchange among its members”. It also over the years has developed brain training techniques and tools. The is one such tool. It is a small handheld electronic device with a touch screen. There are nine different games included, each with […]

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The Memory Box

“The Memory Box” was initially written to assist nurses, therapists and other professional workers responsible for the care of the elderly. It includes over a hundred discussion cards designed to trigger memories of earlier life and to help in assembling life stories. This process is not only useful in helping the carers better to understand […]

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Memory Games for Groups

This handbook includes eighty memory games suitable for use with groups of adults, and especially older people. Pages from the manual can be photocopied and the content of many of them can be adapted. With the elderly, used either individually or in groups, they help keep people engaged with the world around and provide essential […]

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